LeGran.TT protected client’s interests in a dispute on dispatch recovery

Law firm LeGran.TT protected the interests of its client in the dispute on dispatch recovery.

Foreign trader, the client of LeGran.TT, concluded a contract of sale of corn on FOB Odessa terms. The cargo was loaded on the vessel way before the contractual laytime expired. However, customs formalities of cargo were protracted due to some actions of supervising authorities and the shipowner. As a result, the buyer refused to recover pistach and presented a counterclaim for demurrage.

The lawyers of LeGran.TT analyzed the situation and proved that the demurrage had been caused by inaction of the buyer and the ship-owner. Eventually, the dispute was settled amicably and the client of LeGran.TT recovered dispatch.

The case was led by the Senior Lawyer of LeGranTT Daniil Hristich.