The court confirms the absence of legal basis for vessel detention

The Administrative court of appeal of Odessa affirmed the decision of the court of first instance of February 12 2016. The court then found  that the decisions of Nikolayev customs service for prohibition the vessel to leave Nikolayev seaport are illegal.

The Administrative court of appeal of Odessa made a relevant judgement on June 1.

As reported, the tug was detained in July 2015 by customs in order to confiscate fuel and polypropylene rope , which were allegedly considered as subjects of violation of art. 472 of Customs Code of Ukraine – non-declaration of goods and commercial vehicles. But Nikolayev customs service took no action to seize the above mentioned goods. Moreover, the administrative offence case was dismissed while the customs service ban for the vessel remained in force.

The lawyers of LeGran.TT fought the issue in court and on February 12 the district administrative court of Nikolayev found it illegal.

“The decision of Odessa administrative court of appeal once again showed the illegality of actions of Nikolayev customs. In the future, the shipowner intends to collect the losses caused by tug detention from customs service”, Tatyana Titarenko, the CEO of LeGran.TT, commented on the situation.