Maritime law

Shipping is a difficult and labour-intensive process that requires careful preparation, both technical and legal. The LeGran.TT law firm is ready to provide market participants with integrated and comprehensive support. Our clients are ship owners, freight forwarders, shippers, shipping agents, insurance companies, P&I Clubs, suppliers of marine fuel, and many others.

The list of our services includes:

  • work with chartering contracts
  • charging of demurrage
  • marine protest preparation
  • customer advocacy at court in the field of maritime law
  • conflict resolution in case of vessel or cargo arrest
  • cargo lien
  • interaction with regulatory authorities in port
  • pre-trial resolution of conflicts
  • bill of landing preparation
  • legal support in cases of accident
  • consultations in the fields of Ukrainian and international maritime law
  • assistance in conclusion of the contracts for construction, purchase or sale of vessels
  • legal support in vessel registration
  • assistance in customs clearance of export and import of vessels
  • support in cases connected with P&I clubs activity
  • assistance in vessels inspection
  • assistance in legal aspects of working with crew
  • consultations on the field of legal aspects and court practice of marine insurance
  • training for the authorities covering the issues of carrying out inspections of ships in compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

We help our clients to minimize the risks that are inevitable in shipping business and provide quick help in case of emergency. It concerns the cases of environmental pollution in particular. Our knowledge and experience allow us to sift a subject to the bottom and steer the case on the right course bypassing the marine legislation pitfalls. We are ready to be steersmen and cross the legislation fairway on the way to your success.