Due diligence

The activity of any company requires comprehensive analysis and examination, especially ahead of major transactions. Its owner should understand whether the business is being done properly, whether the activity complies with Ukrainian and international legislation, what are the risks of the company if it continues the course. He also must know if he has an opportunity to attract loans from local and international financial institutions. For this purpose due diligence is performed. It includes checking:

  • compliance with corporate legislation in cases of disposal of assets as well as major transactions involving the assets of subsidiaries
  • rights of ownership to movable and immovable property, existence of encumbrances and restrictions
  • intellectual property rights
  • meeting regulatory requirements in the field of labor relations
  • compliance with legislation in the field of industry and environmental protection
  • the legality of performance of activities that are subject to licensing or certification
  • correct paperwork
  • compliance with legislation in the fields of industry and environmental protection
  • existing agreements with counterparties
  • financial status of the company
  • compliance with legislation in the fields of tax law tax and accounting
  • market share and antitrust compliance requirements
  • permits for construction work
  • current trials
  • privatization procedures

Our task is protect your business against adverse situations by means of identifying weaknesses and providing recommendations for improvement. We evaluate the risks and help you to develop a strategy for further development of your company, which gives you the opportunity to avoid disputes with creditors, corporate conflicts, violations of the right ownership of problems with government and regulatory bodies. LeGran.TT law firm will help you to bypass the pitfalls and prevent legal gambit.