Corporate law

The pace of business life these days is getting larger. Changes in the business environment are accompanied by a reorganization or change of ownership of certain companies. Therefore, opening and mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and liquidation of the business are familiar and integral part of the swirl of events. Only those who constantly improve their own efficiency can keep up with the winds of change. And the efficient work of an organization depends on, among other things, how carefully its management develops and implements its intercorporate standards. Our lawyers are ready to offer businesspeople assistance with:

  • Analysis and adaptation of legal norms in relation to a particular enterprise
  • Legal support of mergers and acquisitions
  • Legal support for restructuring of a company before its sale to foreign investors
  • Protection against hostile mergers and acquisitions
  • Internal audit of a company in order to improve its efficiency
  • Protection of company co-owners’ rights (control over the payment of dividends, compliance with all the necessary procedures)
  • Company establishment and registration, preparation of statutory documents
  • Employment relations issues
  • Obtaining licenses and permissions for business activities
  • Consultations in the field of tax law, representation of a client in tax administrations
  • Preparation of expert opinions on agreements and warranties in the protection of consumer rights
  • Legal examination of the corporate governance structure
  • Prevention of bankruptcy
  • Support of a process of bankruptcy and reorganization of enterprises
  • Assistance in the privatization of state property

We offer comprehensive legal support in the field of corporate law, assistance with complex corporate restructuring and the formation of the optimal legal and tax structure of your business. LeGran.TT specialists are always ready to help you in winnig the game on the chessboard of dynamically changing business environment.